Creepy Bullys - Chicagoland's Best Olde English Bulldoggs
Creepy Bullys is a small kennel just on the outskirts of Chicago, Illinois. We are a family-owned operation, established in 1994, for the simple love of animals.

All of our dogs are now IOEBA Registered!

We breed a large array of animals, including Bulldoggs and several exotic species. The name "Creepy Bullys" derives from the reaction we often receive from our clients and other spectators. People are often astonished at the "creepy" nature of the species we breed, so the name suited our business perfectly! All of the dogs bred under our care are family oriented. They are raised as a family, within our family. They all eat, play, and live together. Our company breeds dogs for conformation, and ensures that the dogs are raised with a non-aggressive demeanor. That encompasses the "Bully" aspect of the title.

Now, let's give a little insight into the "Creepy" mystique and reveal some of the other types of animals that we breed at Creepy Bullys. We breed over two hundred different tarantulas, monkeys, and uromastyx. There are also pythons, geckos, and turtles in our flock, accompanied by blue tree monitors, bearded dragons, and Rhinoceros iguanas. As can be seen, we are lovers of all sorts of animals! The website for the exotic species is

Please, enjoy browsing and feel free to explore either site for further details, or visit our forum here.


Johnny Gebert